Dear IDO Wedding, thanks for arranging this wonderful pre-wedding photoshoot for me and my fiancee. You have been very professional throughout the entire process, taking care of everything for us while we are in Seoul. The plans were detailed and thorough, leaving us with nothing to worry about.

koreanweddingphotography_H13A9728 copy

Our first challenge was language, as we do not speak Korean well and had difficulty communicating with the locals. That didn’t bother us because our translator was always there to help us. We were able to communicate our preferences for the wedding gown and hairstyle precisely, which was very important to ensuring a successful shoot.

koreanweddingphotography_H13A9558 copy

On the shooting day, everything was very punctual and we have to thank IDO for their precise planning. The hairstylists were very capable at their task and we felt like celebrities in the process. At the wedding studio, our photographer was very hilarious and he kept us laughing throughout the shoot. It was especially important towards the end of the shoot as fatigue starts taking a toll on us and we were struggling to put on a big smile. Our helper was also very energetic and she is always there to help us change our hairstyles and moving around in the gown. Overall, the day went perfectly and we have greatly appreciate IDO for their amazing planning.

koreanweddingphotography_H13A9334 copy

We wish to specially thank our translator, Chris, for his patience and sincerity throughout the shoot. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Marc & Ei Mo 

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