We would like to thank Ido-wedding for the wonderful and memorable experience we had in Korea. We came across Ido-wedding by chance and signed up with them at March 2014’s NATAS fair. Emily was very helpful in helping us to secure a booking with our studio of choice even though the date we wanted was less than 3 months away. Before we signed up, she was clear in explaining the procedures and clauses before we committed to it. After that, it was quite a hassle-free process. We met up with Emily once before our trip for a briefing so that we would know what to expect. The next thing we knew, we were in Korea! We met the helpful and friendly Chris and Gina who were with us for the entire one and a half days for the gown selection and photo- shooting process.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_7970 copy

Chris and Gina gave helpful comments for our styling and translated for us when we needed help communicating with the stylists and photographer. They were also really nice to chat with. Our assistant for the day was a very motherly guardian who took care of all our needs, making us feel like a prince and princess. They were very worried that we will get a cold during the night scene at the pool, and every time my wife came out from the pool, Gina will wrap a towel around her. 

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8393 copy

We had expected our photographers to be serious-looking Koreans but we could not be more wrong. At our photo shoot were two bubbly and cheerful ladies who brought so much fun and laughter during the entire process. We will always remember the cheerful way they say “Solo, small smile, big smile, chin-up, left, right, okay!”

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8010 copy

To our surprise, the photographer didn’t mind the hard work and we had the opportunity to take many shots and scenes which we did not expect. It was also touching to mention that everyone skipped their dinner in order to finish up our photo shoot. The professionalism displayed by all was commendable. It was kind of sad for us to part with one another with hugs and well-wishes.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8181 copy

It was an experience that we will never forget. Thank you Ido-wedding 🙂

Wei Ding & Jaclyn 

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