Firstly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to IDO wedding for providing such services. The whole process was a memorable one for us.

We really want to thank Audrey, our Singapore consultant for her prompt replies and effort in helping us to liaise with the Korean side with our requests. Audrey has also given us many suggestions and opinions from selecting of the packages to accommodations in Korea.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3203 copy

On our first day in Korea, we went for gown selection and had a discussion about the makeup/hairstyles for the photoshoot.

For gown selection, the bridal assistant would get ready those gowns that you have already selected(a form/survey were used to find out what kind of style or type of gowns you preferred). During the fitting, they would have already taken down your measurements efficiently. Also, they would wear the accessories on you for better imaging the overall look. It was exactly what they do for the variety show “We Got Married”.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3315 copy

Next, we would like to thank our coordinator in Korea, Ms. Ji Sook for picking us up from the hotel to the bridal shop and salon. It was very kind of her sending us to Garosugil after the photoshoot which is off the itinerary. 

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3325 copy

Finally, many thanks to our photographer and his assistant, staffs from the salon and Imonim. They are really professionals in their work from what we experienced. We are really happy with the hair and makeup. Applauses for Imonim as she always make sure that you and the gowns are camera ready.

Although we are not professionals in posing for photos, the photographer are very encouraging and did not make us do poses that we are not comfortable with. Hence, the outcome of your photos will turn out to be more natural and not fake. Pretty impressive.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3471 copy

Back in Singapore, unedited files of all photos taken would be sent to you within few days only. Really fast!

IDO was really punctual during the whole timeline in our pre-wedding photography.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3570 copy

With IDO, there are nothing for us to worry as the whole process was smooth and enjoyable. It is sure an unforgettable one too!

Thank you!!
Zhong Zheng & Percilia 

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