Thank you iDo wedding for the fantastic time! We really enjoyed the entire process of the photoshoot. Most of all, thanks for making the best out of everything.

We were looking for something out of the ordinary for our pre-wedding shoots. Michelle came across iDo wedding on the Internet. We were skeptical about an overseas photo shoot at first, but decided to arrange for an appointment to discuss further anyway. Our perceptions changed when Emily and her team made sure we were briefed in details about what packages they had to offer, what to expect, costs as well as what’s inclusive and what’s not and showed us what iDo had to offer. We fell in love with the style and skills that that were in the portfolio and decided to give it a try.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05281 copy

Fast forward, we’re glad we made that choice! The staffs at iDo were systematic, helpful and very straightforward. There were no hidden costs and everything was laid out in black and white crystal clear, communications was always prompt and straight to the point. More importantly, our photos turned out beautiful, even better then we expected!

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05354 copy

When we touched down in Korea, we contacted Gina our manager and she guided us through the details, on the first day we went for gown testing and also to discuss make-up and hairdo options. 

Second day was for rest while the bridal shop made alterations to the gown. On the third and final day, Gina picked us up in the morning and whisked us off to get make up done, after which, off to the studio we went! The night before our shoot, we didn’t get much sleep having ended up in hospital due to food allergies. However, the friendly, fun and motivated crew helped us get over exhaustion, plain tiredness and made the photoshoot fun and easy! The entire studio setup made us feel like we were filming a Korean drama and the quality of the shots were just as awesome.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05472 copy

Everything from meetup to make-up, communications, photoshoot and transport (We were chauffeured in a Korean style luxury car ^.^) were all done in a very assuring, systematic and professional way. In short, we would not hesitate to recommend iDo wedding to anyone who is looking for a fun, professional and out of the ordinary experience.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05367 copy

We would like to thank our manager Gina for being ever so helpful and concerned about us, our tireless “ajummoni” for helping out with the touch-up and attire, also last but not least, the super fun and bubbly studio crew for constantly cracking jokes and making us feel at ease!

Thanks again and hope to be back! 

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