Prior to the wedding shoot, we had several discussions via email exchanges and consultation with Audrey on the photo studio, hotels and itinerary. We were spoilt for choices as there were many studios to choose from! We booked the hotels through IDO as it was much cheaper than what was quoted on the hotel website. The process was well coordinated and Audrey was very prompt in her responses.

Terry & Shiying_BEST_DSC00316

The day before the wedding shoot, Gina who was our coordinator in Korea brought us to a bridal studio to choose the wedding gowns and suits. Terry and I were clueless on what to choose but Gina had offered many valuable advices. She was genuine and honest in her comments. She also helped to convey our expectations to the makeup artiste. We really felt safe in her hand!

Terry & Shiying_BEST_DSC00672

We woke up extremely early on the day of our wedding shoot. As usual, Gina was already waiting for us at the hotel lobby. We first headed to the beauty salon to get ourselves dressed up. Koreans are really good at their makeup skills! We could really attest to that as the makeup artiste had given us a major transformation. Before the photo shoot, we had briefly gone through with the photographer on the poses and background which we wanted. He was very professional and had very high expectations. Initially, we were very nervous and stiff but he managed to calm us down and even go to the extent of demonstrating the poses for us. There was a helper who was in charge of doing the changing and touching up for us. She is not young but we could sense her high energy level that had helped to lighten up the atmosphere on the day, She was very meticulous and attentive to our needs, literally treating us like prince and princess during the entire photo shoot.

Terry & Shiying_BEST_DSC00197

We were really impressed and satisfied with the beautiful photos taken. It was truly a pleasant and memorable experience for us ! A big thank you to iDO:)

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