Korean Wedding Promotion for NATAS


Exclusive Korean Wedding Promotion for you. For the best benefits for your Korean Wedding Photo visit IDOWEDDING @ NATAS (Singapore Expo Hall).

Look ravishing with our Korean Bridal Make-Up, Korean Hair Styling, Designer Korean Bridal Gowns, Designer Korean Tuxedos and of course our amazing Korean Wedding Photographers.

For your exclusive Korean Concept Pre-Wedding Photo promotion, please come down and visit us at Dynasty Travel (5H01) & KTO. 

SEOUL (fr $ 3,888~) / JEJU (fr $ 2,988~)
Up to $ 1,000 worth of 20 Different Free Gifts
Up to 10 Different Bridal Shops to choose from

The promotion is available for 3 days from 29~31 August. Don’t miss it!



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