“BIG SMILE!” Melissa and I will never forget how the professional photographer teased us into taking the most amazing and graceful shots. Ido- wedding granted us the most perfect excuse to spend a vacation in Seoul and of course, the highlight of the trip is the photoshoot, indeed.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5549 copy

We were promised Korean concept wedding themes by the most charismatic and smooth-talking Dennis; and the most lovely and patient Audrey who attended to us shortly for a meet-up session to decide on our styles and preferences. I remember how I could not contain all my anticipation and excitement and ended up spamming Audrey with ridiculously large amount of queries. Believe me, she attended to every single one of them! I am truly impressed by their customer service and we went Seoul with high expectation.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5724 copy

In Korea, we met playful Chris and steady Gina on DAY 1 to select the gowns and tuxedo. We were chauffeured in big car and were welcomed with great hospitality at the bridal shop and the makeup studio. DAY 3 started early for our makeover and transformation, pampering ourselves with a Korean makeup and a Korean hairdo, just the way we wanted it. Chris was always there to help us with the translation and special requests.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5667 copy

Here comes the best part, picture time! The young and pro-photographer was moving up and down with his female assistant whom we thought they look so cute together. Imo (aunt in Korean) was armed with lots of accessories to help both of us with every little nitty gritty change-over and styles for the shoots. Playful Chris picked up my camera to help us capture some of the most precious behind-the-scene shots. We were guided and demonstrated the poses, expressions and angles, not forgetting to also enjoy ourselves being called around as the shin-lang and shin-niang.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5445 copy

We had so much fun, all thanks to Dennis, Audrey, Chris, Gina and Ido- wedding.

Kelvin and Melissa

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