Our experience with IDO wedding was dominantly positive. At the start, we engaged Emily by email and she promptly introduced us to what we should expect and when we should book a place, i.e. there was an upcoming NATAS event. At that time, we were told to browse through the studios and never did we know there were that many studios. After seeing all the photos, we were quite impressed and decided to go with studio 13. Nevertheless, like most couples, we had our fears and reservations but that was quelled due to the good coordination and planning we had experienced with IDO wedding.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7524 copy

We felt that booking our hotel through IDO was very convenient. All we had to do was to pick the hotel with a list provided to us with prices we could compare online. Emily was also concise and prompt in her emails and we were reassured about the service we would receive by our counterpart in Korea.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7583 copy

Gina and Chris were our coordinators in Korea and they were good advisers in our trip. The first was to have a full breakfast before the photoshoot. It was much needed. A few days prior to the photo-shoot, we were chauffeured in a Korean style luxury car to choose our suits and dresses. Although the selection is small, during the photoshoot, accessories and add-ons make the wedding look completely different in the photoshoot.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7491 copy

We were then allowed to meet up with the make up artist on the prep day as well, where she gave us her opinions as well as showed us a catalogue with various hairstyles to choose from and how different hairstyles allow for different variability during the shoot. We found the make up team to be very skilled in their work. On the actual day itself, the results spoke for themselves.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7910 copy

Despite the rain, the photographer, our tireless assistant as well as Gina and Chris tried their best to assist us during the outdoor scenes. We took the indoor scenes first and had taken the outdoor scene with an umbrella. The entire shoot lasted about 5 hours and we were encouraged through our periods of fatigue and continued with our best effort.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7730 copy

After returning back to Singapore and reviewing the unedited images, we are very impressed and would recommend our friends to go with IDO wedding for their pre- wedding shoot if they want something extraordinary and professional.

We would like to thank IDO wedding for the enjoyable experience.

Pei Ghim and Michelle

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