It was started with a night where we were looking for ideas for our pre- wedding album. Knowing that we wanted something “different”, we were browsing through different style of pre-wedding photo shoot. That was the moment where we decided to give it a shot with IDO-Wedding.

Best_Maryanto & Elesabeth_20140403_0170

November 2013 was the first time we met Audrey, the person who singlehandedly mastermind our photo shoot package. She was patiently going through every details of the package and we were convinced that no hidden costs would be applied. Since we were aiming for April, Audrey advised us to wait for upgraded package during NATAS fair on February, as it would normally offer more complete package. After much consideration and reviewing their portfolios, we decided to put our faith on IDO-wedding.

Best_Maryanto & Elesabeth_20140403_0445

All necessary arrangements were made and taken care earlier to ensure we could had the slots on April where most of the studio will be fully booked. Special thanks to Audrey for making this Seoul trip happened.

Best_Maryanto & Elesabeth_20140403_0516

Gina and Chris, whom were our translator and manager in Korea, picked us up at our hotel lobby and drove us to a salon where we were consulting with experts about the hairstyle and make up that we would love to have. Wedding attires was also taken care on the same day to make sure we were ready for our photo shoot next 2 days.

Best_Maryanto & Elesabeth_20140403_0869

Our first photo shoot day was started with promptly pickup from Gina & Chris who drove us to the respective salon to had our appearance fixed. Next, we were introduced to our photographer, ChanMok, who was wanted to know if we had any concept in mind. “Youth and Fun” was the keywords that we gave and he nodded. Gina & Chris were extremely helpful with all of the props we had throughout the photos process. It was indeed tiring yet enjoyable experience. Knowing that we had the upcoming indoor photoshoot, we went back to hotel to recharge ourselves for next day.

Best_Maryanto & Elesabeth_20140403_0947

Although the indoor photoshoot was taken under cold weather, we really enjoyed the process of having fun with our friendly and creative photographers. They were open to some of our ideas to make sure photos were taken naturally. Not forgetting a lady who was constantly taking care of our make up and attire to ensure we look good in front of camera.

Best_Maryanto & Elesabeth_20140403_0782

I had to say that we were satisfied with the “different” experience that IDO Wedding offered and big thanks for those who were making this happen.

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