Dear IDO-Wedding,

We are so grateful for the services provided by IDO-Wedding. As per their company’s name “I Do Wedding”, and indeed, they really do wedding with high quality of professionalism while providing preparation for couples before saying “I DO”.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9366 copy

We met up with our manager appointed to us, Gina. She is also our translator, hence they is no language barrier for us. On our first day, she is kind enough to drive us around and pass by various famous entertainments. Follow by salon for hairstyle and make-up discussion, and the bridal studio for gown selection. They hear and understand your needs, and gave professional advices.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9601 copy

We had indoor and outdoor photography for the next two days accompanied with two managers, Chris and Gina. Both indoor and outdoor photographers are talented, though we have difficulties in posing, they still managed to guide us through the process. They tried to accommodate our requests and made this pre-wedding photoshoot process such a pleasure, fun and stress-free, even the weather turned up at just the right time. Throughout the shoot, we were given an assistant attached to us, she prepared many accessorizes by herself.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9815 copy

She also assists to help us on the positioning of the gown while we position ourselves. Both my fiancé and I were impressed by her passion and love for her job. Chris managed to take some “behind-the-scene” photos while we were doing our photoshoot. I appreciate it as I wanted that very much.

koreanweddingphoto_20140723_0658 copy

Through their experience and expert guide we now have wonderful and beautiful pre-wedding photos. Every detail exceeded our expectations and was thoroughly impressed with their talents. And they did a few of FOC upgrade for us out of the package. Hence, I am very thankful for what they brought upon us.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9862 copy

We received our photos 2-3 weeks after the photoshoot, and they are
so lovely. They did an incredibly excellent job and were very professional. We sincerely thank IDO-Wedding for making our pre-wedding photography at Korea dream come true!

Khay Seng & Cheryl

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