Dear IDO wedding,

I had a lively, fun and memorable once-in-a-lifetime pre wedding photo shoot experience with IDO wedding. Being intrigued by the beautiful pre-wedding photographs uploaded on the IDO facebook, it took me no hesitation to sign up a package with Emily. Emily was very patient in going through the kind of packages they offer, asking me what kind of background scenes do I like (romantic? classical? fun? etc) even going through the fine details like what kind of gown i could pick or the kind of make-up or hairstyle i would like to have. On top of that, Emily even offered to book the hotel during my vacation in Seoul recommending a list of hotels i could stay in.

Best_Dave & Maybelline_PYJ_4417 copy

As the days draw nearer to my pre-wedding photoshoot, I met Gina, another colleague from IDO wedding in Seoul. Gina was really helpful in guiding me (together with my fiance) a short tour along the vibrant streets of Gangnam followed by a visit to the hair salon as well as gown fitting. With a variety of beautiful gowns as well as variety of hairstyles to pick from, i was pretty much spoilt for choices. Gina was really patient in advising which gowns to pick and which hairstyles to select, that really eased my headache. During the day of photoshoot, Gina came to pick us from our hotel lobby and accompanied us throughout the whole day of photoshoot. The whole process was light hearted, fun and jovial accompanied with lots of jokes and laughter.

Best_Dave & Maybelline_PYJ_4549 copy

Thank you so much Emily and Gina from IDO wedding for the incredible pre-wedding experience.

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