We chance upon I-Do Wedding services through an online search. Being attracted by the sample albums, we left our contact and was shortly contacted by Emily. Emily was the one who explained to us the services available at I-Do Wedding and after consideration and effort by Emily to explain to us how fantastic the photos will be, we decided to engage I-do Wedding’s services.


The trip itself was a memorable one as it is our first trip to Seoul as a couple. We were greeted by Gina and Chris at the hotel and they were really helpful and cheerful team. They went ahead with the schedule promptly and smoothly.


We were impressed by the selection of the bridal studio and salon by I-do wedding. Not only have they chosen one that matches the concept that me and my wife prefer, they also cater to many of our requests on the actual day itself. We were provided with an assistant during the photo shoot day. The assistant was really friendly and helpful. She tended to my wife with utmost professionalism and is always there to help her around when she needed to move in her huge bridal dress.


The studio we selected was Studio 1. On the day itself, we were driven to meet the photographer and her experienced team. They made us feel like we are the stars for the day right from the start. Even though we were not trained to be photo shoot models and have to rely on her help to make some of the more difficult poses, she was very professional and patient with us.


After a long exhausting day, we nevertheless were very happy and felt that our dream was fulfilled. When we gotten the photos, they were really well captured and we are definitely impressed with them, even in their unedited format.


We will definitely recommend I-Do Wedding’s services to any couples who are looking for an extra ordinary bridal shoot experience.

Guo Feng & Stephy

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