When we first saw Ido-Wedding 2 years ago, we knew it is what we wanted. Fast forward, it finally came true!

We met Audrey, our consultant in Singapore, during VIZIT Korea in Nov 2013 and signed for the package a few days later. She was really responsive, detailed and friendly. All emails and texts were responded quickly.


On the day of selection of gowns and hair and makeup, Gina and Chris arrived at our hotel before the meeting time, in case we went down early. As we still had time before the appointment, Gina drove us around the area and showed us where the entertainment companies were (JYP, Cube, etc).


At the gown & suit selection, the staffs were very helpful, friendly and fast workers. They paid attention to details and even did my hair. I thank you for finally allowing me to see Jonathan’s expression, when he saw me in a wedding gown.


The photographer and his assistant were so cute and humourous, especially when he did the ladylike poses for me. Felt awkward at first but we quickly warmed up to them and enjoyed the process.


We have just received the original CD for photo selection and we’re pleased with the results! Thank you Ido-Wedding for the awesome experience and great pictures. We will definitely recommend it to everyone else.


Jonathan & Germain

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