Dear Ido Wedding,

A very big thank you to everyone at Ido Wedding for a magical wedding photoshoot in Korea!

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 4106 copy

From the moment we met Gina, our manager, in the early morning we were in for a fun-filled day free of worries and cares. Our makeup artists and hairstylists transformed us from grouchy sleepy-heads into bright-faced stars.

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 4221

At the studio, the photographer and his team maintained a relaxed atmosphere as they took great care to capture us at our most flattering angles. We especially admire their skill in effortlessly making use of the natural light to produce the best effects. Our videographer captured the entire process and condensed the best moments into a short clip that will bring back fond memories of this day for years to come.

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 4288

Finally, Gina and our ‘auntie’ were so obliging in their assistance and so helpful in their suggestions that we simply cannot imagine doing this photoshoot without them.

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 4010 copy

We highly recommend Ido Wedding for an unforgettable experience!

– Ronald and Trudy –

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