Our experience with Ido Wedding is awesome!

Emily who stations in Singapore made sure that all arrangement are booked and correct.


Imo is our “Korean mum” who took great care of us. She took care of all details from dressing us up, changing our accessories, tidying up our hair, touching up our makeup to making sure our attire are looking it best in the photos, even the smallest crease.


Gina provided great service in helping us with our preparation for the photoshoot.

The consultation was useful for the makeup artist and hair stylist to understand our wants. The salon service is excellent and professional, they provide us with great details of recommendation and make sure we are at our best look for the photoshoot.


Chris was helpful with all the translations. He checked with us constantly to make sure that we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves. It was also of great gesture to help us with our behind-the-screen snaps. We are very thankful that he captured those memories for us.


Lee Jeong Hoon the photographer is very professional. He started off by introducing how the shoot will be like and assuring us that he will guide us with our poses so we just had to relax and enjoy.

The entire schedule was timely and organized. First, there was no waiting time. Second, there was no clash of photoshoot screen though there was another couple shooting at the same studio at the same time. Third, there are two fitting rooms – one to ourselves so we need not worry about the belongings.


As for the photoshoot package, we must say that the bridal shop has many awesome accessories which can transform a tube gown to halter gown to a gown with sleeves and a simple gown to a gown decorated with crystals. Though our package only includes one tuxedo, there are extra blazers and accessories such as bow ties and vests which changed the entire looks, which we are very satisfied.


So in short, with Ido Wedding, everything is taken care of!

We would like to thank you everyone who have made our photoshoot a success and awesome experience for us!

Jeffrey & Madeline

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