We wanted something different for our pre-wedding photoshoot so we did a bit of research on overseas shoot. As we’ve always wanted to visit Korea to experience the romantic atmosphere in Korean dramas, Korea naturally became our first choice. After much research online, we eventually decided on IDO wedding as there are many positive reviews of them.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_20140414_0279 copy

We met Audrey, the consultant in Singapore, who is extremely friendly, helpful and patient. As the photos of all studios looked really lovely, we had a hard time choosing the studio! Audrey did a lot of research and sent us many links on potential locations for our outdoor shoot as well as songs suitable for our behind-the-scene video. We are really thankful for that.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_IMG_1566 copy

We were extremely excited for the shoot and loved the weather in Korea! Gina met us at our hotel lobby and drove us around for the gown selection and makeup/hairstyle consultation.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_IMG_0612 copy

The gown selection process was really unique as they will bun up your hair and put on a tiara for you before you change into the gown. There was the ‘wow’ effect, just like on the Korean variety show ‘We got married’, when the assistant draws the curtain to reveal the gown.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_IMG_0871 copy

The makeup was impressive and we were treated like celebrities. I must say their makeup is really amazing. It looked so natural! And we are extremely grateful for the assistant who helped us along the way and constantly changed our hairstyle.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_IMG_1673 copy

This whole process wouldn’t have been possible without Gina’s help in translating our requests to the photographer. She also voluntarily took behind- the-scenes photos with our handphones which really served as wonderful momento for our photoshoot.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_20140414_0386 copy

We received the photos and video shortly after we returned to Singapore and they look great even without editing. Gina has been very kind in acceding to our requests on the editing of the photos.

Best_Wei Wei & May Hui_IMG_1989 copy

On the whole, it was an amazing, unique and unforgettable experience. We are missing the times in Korea already! Thank you IDO Wedding for the awesome experience!

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