By chance, we happen to see the beautiful online photos taken by IDO Wedding, so we signed up with them in August NATAS fair. We also met Emily, who is the consultant at NATAS fair and she patiently explained to us the details of the different packages. After which, Audrey, another consultant followed up on my package instead. Audrey is very professional and responsive. She answered all my enquiries promptly, even when she was on holiday.


Gina and Chris, the local manager and translator in Korea, are very friendly too. Throughout the process of selecting of gown, makeup and hairdo and photo shooting, we were treated like VIPs. Chris who followed us on the actual day waited punctually for us at the hotel lobby. For me, I am very particular on the makeup on my eyes. Chris made an effort in conveying my needs to the makeup artist and did constant checks with me, to make sure that I am satisfied with the makeup.


Imo, our Korean Mum, followed us throughout the shoots and took great care of us, from changing of gown, change of hairdo, and even helped in adjusting my posture and making us laugh and relax.


The photographer was friendly and humorous, and suggested a lot of pose for us. All the raw photos in the album capture all our memories of the shoot in Seoul.


We would like to thank IDO wedding for the awesome experience. Highly recommended!

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