Dear IDO Wedding,

We would like to thank IDO-Wedding and team for the unforgettable experience we had in Seoul!

After a lot of research online on overseas photo shoot, we decided on IDO Wedding as we really like the style and feel of the indoor photo shoot. We met-up with Emily in Singapore to find out more. She is very friendly and not pushy at all. We decided to engage IDO Wedding for our pre-wedding shoot as we really like what Emily shared with us.


We met up with Chris and Gina two days before the actual shoot for image consultation and gown selection. We are really impressed by how professional the salon and bridal were.


On the actual day, Chris and Gina came to pick us up at the hotel and drove us to the salon for our make-up and hair-do. We were really impressed by the services provided to us. Throughout the process, we were pampered like prince and princess with all the make-up artists and hair stylists attending to us. We were introduced our helper auntie who would be following us for the rest of the shoot.


At the studio, we were really nervous initially as we are more reserve by nature. However, the photographer and team eventually loosen us up with their sense of humor and professionalism. Throughout the shoot, the photographer guide us along on our poses with the multiple scenes to capture the perfect shot. We would like to thank Chris especially, as he was there to help us with the translation and also took some behind the scene photos which makes great memories.


이모 was very warm and took great care of us. She make sure that our hair stays in shape, and make up still fresh and bright. It would not be possible to change in and out of the heavy gowns without her help. 이모 was really caring and even reminded me to take smaller steps taking into consideration that LiQing cannot walk as fast with her heavy gown and heels.


We would like to thank Emily, Gina, Chris and team for the wonderful experience which will not be possible if not for your effort and commitment in making it happen for us. We certainly have made the right choice!

Philip & LiQing

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