Dear IDO Wedding,

We would like to thank IDO-Wedding and the team for the awesome and wonderful photo taking session in Korea!

We have chosen IDO wedding because we like the style and the beautiful indoor studios and the numerous compliments. We signed our package at a Korea fair held in Singapore. We have difficulties choosing which studio because all of them were equally beautiful!

Best_Esther_CU2A3836 copy

Audrey was assigned to us, she guided us through the whole process and affirmed that everything were under her good hand. She is very professional and polite. Whenever we have questions, she answered to all the enquires promptly.

Best_Esther_CU2A5847 copy

When we were in Korea, everything was well planned. Gina met us at our hotel lobby and drove us around for gown selection and makeup consultation. With Gina’s help in translating our various requests to the stylist and photographer, it made our photoshoot experience easy and enjoyable. Gina and her assistant were taking great care of us for the whole photo shoot session. Carefully making sure that we were at our best for every shot. Thank you for all your efforts to ensure that every shot is perfect!

Best_Esther_CU2A5571 copy

It was really an wonderful and unforgettable experience for us. Thank you once again to IDO Wedding, Audrey, Gina and her assistant! Highly recommended to other couples!

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