Having done quite a fair bit of research and visits to several bridal studios, we decided on Ido-Wedding because of the positive reviews and we were impressed with the style of the photo shoot. The package was straightforward with no hidden costs and what we liked most was all photos were returned to us.


On day 1 of our photo shoot, the local translator, Ms. Koh picked us up for the selection of gowns and suit at the studio. The selection process was a breeze and we were able to spend the rest of the day sightseeing. The hospitable and friendly Ms. Koh showed us around Jeju City and recommended us to try Jeju brewed beer, Jespi.


During the actual day of our photo shoot, our photographer guided us with the poses and quickly made us at ease. We are also thankful to his assistant who helped us with our outfits and touched up Sheryl after every location scene.


A special mention goes to Audrey, our consultant, who was extremely responsive and able to answer all our queries clearly. We would like to thank her for her professionalism and her excellent service.


Thank you,

Ido-Wedding and Team

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