Korea Pre-wedding Photo PWO_01 (Korea)

If you are the type of couple who wants to have fully outdoor concepts, then this collection of images will be what you are looking for. You will be sure to visit places in Korea that make them attractive among both locals and foreigners. Surely you will get many of enjoyment because these places has their own individual traits, a road with tall trees, a lake with blue boats, a sweet kiss under a lamp post. Those memories will frozen in your heart and mind.

Contact us now to enquire about  this studio – bringing new & creative Korean pre-wedding concept photography.

We have more than 100 vendor list to work with us such as photo studios, bridal shops etc. Contact us now to see more studio samples. Please feel free to make an appointment and have discussion with our consultant. We have regular discussion every Sat & Sun in Singapore. If you book the sessions, you will meet our consultants and they show you all the sample albums and details about our packages at your convenience.

For booking, Click HERE!  As the discussions are only available by appointments, kindly book to ensure availability of our consultants. It’s non-obligatory chat.

Opening hours: 12-8pm (Tue to Sun) by Appointment Only. 
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2 Comments on “Korea Pre-wedding Photo PWO_01 (Korea)

  1. Hi we are couple from Hong Kong. I am interested in outdoor pre wedding photo shooting with natural style. Appreciate if you could share more information, package and special promotions. We prefer photo taking in March to April2015. Thanks!

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