“My Seoul Mate” – Beautiful Autumn Story in Korea

Check out the fashion spread featuring MediaCorp celebrity, Julie Tan, shot at iconic landmarks in Seoul in the latest issue of Style: Weddings. Sponsored by Korea Tourism Organisation with IDOWEDDING recommending the various locations, couples can be stars for a day and have their own destination shoot at Seoul’s hotspots! Photography by Caleb & Gladys.

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Other than setting the trend in fashion, music and movies, Korean dramas are the definitive standard round the world as well as to Asians.

Eager to capture a slice of quintessential Korean romance of their own, discerning couples now descend upon iconic landmarks in Seoul for their outdoor pre-wedding photo shoots.

In collaboration with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and IDOWEDDING, StyleWedding went to Korea in Autumn 2014 and hit the trail with an expert photographer and creative makeup stylist in tow to some of the most picture-perfect locations you should consider.

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Taking the centre spot in Seoul, the sprawling grounds of Namsan Park is a feast for your senses with its lush flora and fauna, pond, pine forest and historical pavilions that are the perfect exemplar of Korean architecture.

Perched at the top of the Namsan Mountain, the symbolic N Tower offers panoramic views of the cityscape of Seoul below as well as the West Sea. The café and viewing platforms are packed daily for one of the most charming and dramatic sunsets in the city. Time your visit for April and feast your eyes on the resplendent Cherry Blossom Festival. Come October, the dense vegetation cloaks itself in rich autumn shades of red and gold making for a spectacular statement for your shoot.

idowedding_my seoul mate-3

After your sojourn into nature, take a step back into the days of yore at the Bukchon Hanok Village. Flanked by Gyeongbok Palace and Changdeok Palace, this picturesque neighbourhood offers a rare peek into life during the Joseon dynasty. With countless nooks and crannies, every turn into the beautifully restored alleys and courtyards offers a serendipitous adventure. Many pre-wedding pictures of postcard quality have been taken here in the evening, when the serene atmosphere envelop you and tranquility lead you into a surreal experience. Time does stand still – at least in Seoul for couples.

Game for another eye-opening adventure, take a jaunt to Ihwa Mural Village. Nestled deep amongst steep hills and alleys, many drama and movies have filmed here. Peppered with 60 art pieces that were specially commissioned for an art campaign, you will be spoilt for choice for your dramatic backdrop. Pick your favourite piece and strike a pose! Don’t be surprised to find yourself vying to strike poses with an actor and film crew.

idowedding_my seoul mate-4

Of course, what’s a pre-wedding shoot without the de-rigueur romantic night shoot? Add to your list, Banpo Bridge, which spans the Han River Park. Fast becoming the darling of photographers, the dazzling lights of the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain promises to lend an alluring and dreamy texture to your pre-wedding album.

idowedding_my seoul mate-5

Pre-wedding couples into the avant-garde and unique photo shoots would be thrilled by a shoot at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Featuring a distinctive neofuturistic design, the mood it lends to photo shoots can be very different depending on the time of shoot.

While the sublime beauty of the locations may impress, a pre-wedding shoot also needs the creative eyes of the photographer, exquisite Korean gowns and the deft hands of the experienced stylist for it to be perfect.


Speak to IDOWEDDING for more details on our carefully curated list of field experts and fascinating unchartered locations for the best photo shoots.

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