Best_Wei Tao & Ophelia_IMG_2362 copyWe would like to thank IDO for the professional services rendered to us in Korea just one year ago. Having a pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea is definitely one of the best ideas we have for our wedding. Everything is arranged with no hassle. Gina, our coordinator, together with the other staffs are very helpful and friendly to address our requests.Best_Wei Tao & Ophelia_IMG_2144 copyTwo days before the shoot, we will be chauffeured to discuss our hairstyle and also choose our gowns. The stylists are very professional, they give good advice on what style is suitable for the Korean theme shoot and also tried to accomodate our own unique taste. For the gowns, we get to choose two to three gowns from about ten to twelve gowns pre-selected based on our preferences previously stated. Most of the gowns are beautiful, and they will also provide some accessories to match.Best_Wei Tao & Ophelia_IMG_2240 copyWe are most satisfied with the photo studio, One Fine Day. The set there is amazing, with a retro and fantasy theme. The photographers know exactly what kind of pose we should do for each set, down to every minute detail. We are absolutely satisfied, even with just the photos that are taken with our own camera phone.Best_Wei Tao & Ophelia_IMG_2258 copyWe are so glad that we chose IDO as our coordinator for the Korea shoot and getting everything done in a studio. It saves us the hassle from having to travel around to look for a backdrop. A relaxed mood throughout the shoot has definitely help us to look better in the photos.

This is a memory of a lifetime, and is worth every single cent. We love it.

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