How wonderful if you could capture the joyful moments of holiday with your family?

Korean people love taking photos so we usually go to the studio and take pictures on special day such as birthdays, 100-day dating anniversary, 1000-day dating anniversary, graduation, Christmas, Valentine, 1 Year anniversary not only for wedding. We think baby photo or family photos are important as much as wedding. koreanfamilyphoto_ido 3927Birthday celebrations are an important part of Korean culture. When the young ones turn hundred days and 1 year old, elaborate parties marking the occasion are held. As the culture of celebrating a child’s every memorable moments gained popularity, many specialist studios have sprung up. From the magical first day of school to graduations, nothing is missed under the creative eyes of these baby studios.

Taking fun family photos has also long been popular among young couples. Families usually prepare their own outfits for the shoot. However, many also revel in the process of shopping for ‘family t-shirts’ featuring the same designs or even cartoon or animal characters. This activity can often be as fun as the photo shoot itself.koreanfamilyphoto_ido 4798

While many Koreans have a strong preference for these themed indoor shoots, some have also been seeking beautiful and meaningful outdoor locations for a more personal and memorable shoot. For indoor family photos, boasting several unique backdrops and a host of fun props like gigantic sunglasses or even psychedelic wigs, nothing is left to chance. As children indulge themselves naturally in the dreamlike atmosphere of these mini ‘amusement parks’, every whimsical and mischievous moment is captured for posterity.koreanfamilyphoto_ido 2055 koreanfamilyphoto_ido 2089 koreanfamilyphoto_ido 0636

If you take outdoor for family photo shoot, with four seasons, a variety of concepts and moods are at the photographer’s disposal and really only limited by one’s imagination. There is no better backdrop or scene that Mother Nature herself.koreanfamilyphoto_ido 0707Not only do we can enjoy fun & creative Korean family photography, you can also enjoy Korean celebrity hair & make-up styling for your photo shoot. You might have been too busy to doll yourselves up at home. Go back to your dating days and be transformed by our stylists for the experience. Exchange laughters and indulge yourselves for this special event!

As parents get on with their busy and fast-paced city lives, dressing up and living life itself often take a backseat. Some might not even remember when the last time they focused on themselves instead of their families was. A family photo shoot offers the golden opportunity of taking a break and letting stylists give them a makeover to reveal a different and glamorous look of them instead of as parents.koreanfamilyphoto_ido 10

koreanfamilyphoto_ido 06

You can’t stop the clock. But you can capture and crystalize the previous moments. Korean Concept Family Photography offers you an unforgettable experience in Korea.

If you want to know more information, Visit us! You can meet IDOWEDDING at Korea Tourism Organization Booth, MBS Expo Hall, Travel Revolution 2015. It’s from 24~26 July for 3 days.

For more information, please feel free to ask and click here.

Tel. +65 6452 0028 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com

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