IDOWEDDING @ Jakarta Wedding Festival 2015

IDOWEDDING @ Jakarta Wedding Festival 2015
14-16 August | Jakarta Convention Center

Save! Up to IDR 10 million. Additionally, IDR 2 million off for Weddingku Yuk Travel Special.JWF 2015

Available Seoul Studio, Seoul Outdoor, Jeju Outdoor and more. PW Package includes Korean Concept Pre-wedding Photography + Korean Celebrity Hair & Make-up Styling + Designer Bridal Gown & Tuxedo etc.

WIN & GET Make-up trial by Korean Celebrities Make up Artist from @ido-wedding for FREE for 3 (three) lucky brides-to-be!

FIRST TIME IN JAKARTA! In Jakarta Wedding Festival 2015 ‪#‎JWF2015‬, @ido-wedding featuring Oh Seo Young, a make-up artist Korean celebrities who have cooperated with famous Korean stars such as Lee, Min Ho / Lee, Young Ae / Kim Tae Hee / F(x) – Top Korean Girl Group, and many more.

How to?
1. Submit your latest selfie photo
2. Write down why you want this trial make-up
3. Do not forget to write your full name, mobile phone number, and your wedding date

Register Now! Click Here.

Submit the above requirements before 7 August 2015. The winners will be announced on 8 August 2015.

For general enquiry, | +62 855 7467 0087

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