IDO 5th Anniversary ‘Last Promotion in 2015

The journey to your happy wedding begins with IDOWEDDNG.

‘Tis the Best Season for Romance in Korea!


Attractive discounts from IDOWEDDING? Double Checks!! You’re just in time for a romantic Spring photo shoot in Korea – the most popular season of the year. Indulge yourself in a Korean romance and Save up to $1,000!

Visit us at 2015 Singapore Travel Mart @ Suntec Convention Center.

  • Selected 30 Seoul Studios (Indoor & Outdoor Mix)
  • Save! Up to $ 1,000 
  • Available $ 2,988 for IDO In-House Seoul / Jeju PKG. (Limited to first 5 couples only)

Open for 2016 booking. Available Seoul / Jeju Outdoor PKG! Enjoy brand new Jeju samples & Indoor photo shoot for free.

This event is sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore.

10-11 October 2015 | 10 am – 9 pm (Sat & Sun) | 2015 Singapore Travel Mart @ Suntec Convention Center

Click here to register!

Email : | Tel : +65 6452-0028

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