IDOWEDDING @ 2015 Singapore Travel Mart

IDOWEDDING @ 2015 Singapore Travel Mart

Date : 10 & 11 October

Time : 10 am – 9 pm

How wonderful if you could capture the joyful moments of holiday with your family and friends in Korea? You can’t stop the clock. But you can capture and crystallise the precious moments.

Here are IDOWEDDING ‪#‎Friends‬, ‪#‎Family,‬ ‪#‎Makeover‬ Self Photo PKG Promotion. Enjoy various themes and conceptual photography with professional Korean hair & make-up styling. It’s 100% in Korea by Koreans. You will have priceless experiences and memories with us in Korea.

We prepare special offer (Worth up to $ 500) during promotion. Enjoy special gifts such as ‪#‎KTO‬ Luggage Tags, Foldable Travel Bag, American Tourister Luggage etc) for ‪#‎Maybank‬ card holders.

Don’t miss this great chance!!!

This event is sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore.

Click here to register!

Email : | Tel : +65 6452-0028.

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