Take your first step in Korean Romance at NATAS 2016.

Barely two months into 2016, it’s exciting times indeed as we breathe in romance and take the first step into a dream wedding.

Gathering our know-how over six years between Korean and Singapore, our indoor Korean Wedding Photo packages allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • Save! Up to $ 1,500*
  • Win! 2 Return Tickets (1 Couple, SG-KR) for 2016 IDO Fall/Winter Outdoor PKG*
  • Enjoy early bird special (worth $ 100)* Limited to first 10 couples

*Terms & Conditions Apply

At IDOWEDDING, our consultants are eager to help you make that first step towards your very own Korean wedding romance.


4-6 March 2016 | 10 am – 9 pm | S-Travel (7H59) @ Singapore Expo Hall 7

Open for 2016 booking. Click here to register!


Email : | Tel : +65 6452-0028

This event is proudly supported by #KoreaTourismOrganization.

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