Open House Event @ Tinydot (22 May)


We ‘re fast approaching the halfway make of 2016, so we thought we should spread some cheer by inviting you to IDOWEDDING + Tinydot Open House Event.

We will be offering some fantastic package for Korean Indoor & Outdoor Shoots. Enjoy Pre-wedding PKG with IDOWEDDING & Wedding day Photography with Tinydot. Best price with attractive special perks are waiting for you. Last but not least, We’re also collaborating to gift a winter shoot to one lucky couple. Stand a chance to win for those who sign up on the spot.

Autumn is the best season of the year for leisure strolls and admire the changing of colours to warmer tones of red, orange and yellow. There are plenty of spots to cover to make an unforgettable photography journey! you can enjoy the beautiful fall scenery in Seoul city, many locations, offer peaceful walks among colourful leaves everywhere.

If you look for something unique and creative, not just another brides? Don’t miss this chance! 2016 Fall & Winter, you can have unforgettable pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea.

22 May 2016 (9am – 6pm) | Tinydot (79 Chay Yan St, Singapore 160079) 

For Registration, Please click HERE to register!


Email : | Tel : +65 6452-0028

This event is proudly supported by #KoreaTourismOrganization.

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