Kamsahamnida IDO Wedding for the exclusive privilege to have our photographs beautifully taken in stunning Korea! As importantly, the people that contributed their time, brilliance and talent into our shoot and definitely to those who voted us for this amazing opportunity. We bow our deepest bow, with our fingertips and palms tightly squeezed together in display of our most sincere gratitude for making this not just possible, but ultra-amazing as well.

Service throughout the shoot were supreme. IDO Wedding made us feel enchanted throughout. Weather was great and on our side. We were unquestionably at our happiest, in awe at the inspiring shoot locations! Everyone in the team were so committed and skilled at what they do.

Photos were received in a few days and they look amazing! Every detail and inquiry were managed spot on. Photographer was most entertaining, project manager was most informational and accommodating, wardrobe and hairstylists and makeup artists were very patient, experienced and amazingly helpful. The team is full of good kind people and we definitely would recommend IDO Wedding to the world.

Thank you many many times over. We truly enjoyed our trip! Your time and hard work is well worth and rewarding! Annyeong!Koreanpreweddingphotography_IMG_2647

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