This studio is well know for delivering to our client a romantic and timeless pre-wedding photoshoot in Seoul. They capture the bride and groom in a romantic, natural, and simple way. No need to put lots of words or action because this studio setting will describe it for you. You will also have a comfortable and relaxed sensation because of the blue and white background which mainly used by this studio. The bloomed flowers create a romantic setting which is feminine but not too much, it will ease the groom to take the photoshoot and both of them will show their love bonding in a natural way.

FYI, The chief photographer is in charge of the photography for SM entertainment and YG entertainment; all of the photographers in this studio are very experienced and creative. You will definitely enjoy having your photo shoot with them!

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Email : askus@ido-wedding.com | LINE : IDOWEDDING | Tel : +82 70 8222 0852

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