Korea Pre-wedding Photo Studio SS09C

If you are looking to have fun with lots of colors and props during your pre-wedding photography, this will be the studio for you. All of the concepts that are offered are surrounding the notion of sweet, lovely and fun. Want to re-create your proposal in a room surrounded by hundreds of balloons or creating a dramatic meeting with your loved one like in a Korean drama while wearing a beautiful fitted gown? Want to live like a Korean for once, wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) while strolling around Korean traditional house? Then, this will be your perfect studio!

You will be in love with this studio with their romantic settings. They have many props to use such as LOVE which you can sit on it, It’s so trendy and the bright and various colors use by this studio creates a happy and will cheer your pre-wedding photo shoot in Seoul.

Contact us now to enquire about Studio No. 09 – bringing new & creative Korean pre-wedding concept photography.

We have more than 100 vendors list like photo studios, bridal shop etc. Contact us now to enquire more studio samples. Please feel free to make an appointment and have discussion with our consultant. We have regular discussion every Sat & Sun in Singapore. If you book the sessions, you will meet our consultants and they show you all the sample albums and details about our packages at your convenience.

For booking, Click HERE!  As the discussions are only available by appointments, kindly book to ensure availability of our consultants. It’s non-obligatory chat.

Opening hours: 12-8pm (Tue to Sun) by Appointment Only. 
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