Dear IDO Wedding,

We would like to thank IDO-Wedding and the team for the awesome and wonderful photo taking session in Korea!

We have chosen IDO wedding because we like the style and the beautiful indoor studios and the numerous compliments. We signed our package at a Korea fair held in Singapore. We have difficulties choosing which studio because all of them were equally beautiful!

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Audrey was assigned to us, she guided us through the whole process and affirmed that everything were under her good hand. She is very professional and polite. Whenever we have questions, she answered to all the enquires promptly.

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When we were in Korea, everything was well planned. Gina met us at our hotel lobby and drove us around for gown selection and makeup consultation. With Gina’s help in translating our various requests to the stylist and photographer, it made our photoshoot experience easy and enjoyable. Gina and her assistant were taking great care of us for the whole photo shoot session. Carefully making sure that we were at our best for every shot. Thank you for all your efforts to ensure that every shot is perfect!

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It was really an wonderful and unforgettable experience for us. Thank you once again to IDO Wedding, Audrey, Gina and her assistant! Highly recommended to other couples!


We were first introduced to Ido-Wedding through our friends as we were looking at Korean styled wedding photos for our pre-wedding shoots. We decided to choose Ido-Wedding after browsing through some of their amazing sample photos from the different studios available. Although they were indoor photo shoots, the backdrops and sets in the studios were very beautiful and we felt that Korean photographers are able to cleverly make use of these backdrops to complement the couple. Hence, Ido-Wedding didn’t disappoint us!

koreanweddingphotography_DSC09017 copy

The whole experience was almost seamless as the activities have been very well arranged. The wedding gowns that were brought to us during the bridal fitting looked really gorgeous! Taking our preferred style into consideration, the gowns/suits were pre- selecteded for us to try, though we hoped that we could have more variety to look at. Nonetheless, good advice and opinions were given to help us with our decisions, which suited us well.

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We also had consultations for our makeup and hairdo prior the photo-shoot day. We were very satisfied with both the make up and hairdo for the photo- shoot as it was very natural and made our skin looked flawless!

koreanweddingphotography_DSC09326 copy

The studio we chose was really awesome! Even though the studio photographer and assistant could hardly communicate with us, they cleverly used different methods with the help of our manager/translator and corrected all our poses so that we looked good in the photos. They were extremely patient and friendly towards us, which made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole photo-shoot. Subsequently, most of the photos we received were up to our expectations and we are very impressed with the quality of the shots!

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Very enjoyable experience overall, will definitely be happy to recommend to our friends!

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Once again, thank you so much Ido-wedding for the wonderful experience!

– Jerly and Huifang –


Our Jeju outdoor photo shoot was an amazing one, my fiancé and I had one of our most memorable experiences of our lives.

Best_0418_DSC_1555 copy

The photo shoot day started off with the bridal studio boss who personally came to pick us up from our hotel lobby. We were warmly welcomed by the very helpful and friendly studio staffs, they made sure we felt comfortable and even bought us gimbap ensuring that we didn’t feel hungry.

Best_0418_DSC_2147 copy

They offered us great feedbacks while trying our gowns & suit, with the help of the professional and experienced staffs, within 3 hours we were all set to head out. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t ideal, it kept drizzling, we felt so cold that we could barely smile for the camera.

Best_0418_DSC_2186 copy

Our photographer cum driver was a friendly and funny man who made us get over chilliness, exhaustion and made the photo shoot enjoyable, despite the language barrier, he was cracking jokes and making us feel at ease. We are very thankful for his assistant who specially took care of us, helping out on touch up and attire.

Best_0418_DSC_1636 copy

Lastly we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our translator, a very lovely lady who was our acting tour guide during the road trip, she was cheerful and entertaining, telling us the history of Jeju and offering us tips and guides to the awesome food on Jeju Island.

Best_0418_DSC_1537 copy

Once again, thank you Ido.

Eric & Denise


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


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